Public outrage needed against air pollution: Doctors

Doctors at the launch of Doctors for Clean Air forum in New Delhi
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 Rohit Shishodia
Concerned over the hazardous level of air pollution that is rapidly gripping many parts of India, eminent doctors have stressed that there is need for public outrage and a major movement against air pollution.

To make the issue of air pollution more vibrant, the Lung Care Foundation of India, in collaboration with Health Care Without Harm, has launched ‘Doctors for Clean Air’ (FDCA).

“Under FDCA, around 1.5 lakh doctors of 12 leading national medical associations  will make their own agenda on clean air and will work on it. They will also educate their patients about ill effects of air pollution. Clean Air Champion, a doctor from every state, will charge up other regional doctors about combating air pollution.,” says Mr Abhishek Kumar, CEO, Lung  Care Foundation of India.

Mr Kumar added, “Doctors have also been asked to bring adequate health studies on air pollution. They should also influence policy makers so that something concrete can be done on air pollution.”

Dr Arvind Kumar, Founder Trustee, Lung Care Foundation, said, “It is time for medical professionals to lend their voice for raising awareness about the devastating health impact of air pollution in their interaction with patients.

Dr Kumar said “Doctors for Clean Air is a historic step under which senior pulmonologists, surgeons, and pediatricians 12 leading medical associations of the country are committing themselves. I am confident that this initiative will lead to cleaner air for all.”

Dr SK Mishra, Immediate Past President, Associations of Surgeons of India, said that air pollution has devastating effect on children’s development and health. It even leads to deaths in humans apart from harm to the living organism such as animals and food, affecting natural environment also.

Prof Parvaiz Koul, Professor and Head of Pulmonology, Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences, Jammu and Kashmir, said, “If we don’t act on curbing air pollution, next generation is going to curse us for handing over a poisoned and polluted planet to them where even normal people have difficulty in breathing, not to speak of those with lung disease.”


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