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Mumbai Clinic launches CLaCS technology to treat Spider, Varicose Veins

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Dr Ashish Dhadas treats patient with CLaCS technique

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Surekha Varicose Veins, a Mumbai based clinic, has started CLaCS (Cryo Laser and Cryo Sclerotherapy), a Brazilian treatment for spider veins and small varicose veins of the leg.

The clinic claims that this technique has been launched for the first time in India. CLaCS is a painless procedure done under local anesthesia. The high flow of ice-cold air directed onto the skin at the site of laser or needle application removes the discomfort and most patients have little pain from the treatment.

In CLaCS, there are no specific precautions after treatment. There is no need to wear stockings in the majority of cases. The patient returns to work and usual activities in 4 -6 hrs. Exercise is permitted as well after 24 hrs.

Weak valves in the leg veins are the main reason for the formation of varicose veins. The hereditary tendency is seen in nearly 80% cases. People involved in prolonged standing such as teachers, shop keepers and traffic policemen are more likely to suffer from them. In many females, varicose veins start after pregnancy and progress over a while if not diagnosed and treated on time.

Dr Ashish Dhadas, Varicose Veins expert, Surekha Varicose Veins, said, “CLaCS is a combination of different technologies like augmented reality, transdermal laser, sclerotherapy and skin cooling for local anesthesia.”

Almost 95% of patients with spider veins are females. These veins are cosmetically disfiguring. However, due to lack of awareness and not many treatment options, many females tend to ignore them. In some cases, these spider veins too can cause symptoms such as pain, heaviness, burning or itching. They can progress to larger varicose veins too.


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