Mysterious' viral fever claims lives of 8 children in Haryana village

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The lives of eight children have been claimed by a mysterious viral fever in the last 10 days, sending shockwaves among the people of the Chilli village of Haryana’s Palwal district.

The villagers alleged that the children died due to dengue fever, but it hasn’t been confirmed by the local health department.

The viral fever has been reported by around 50-60 children and they have been admitted to various private hospitals.

The health department has been sending the medical teams to the village to take samples for dengue, malaria, and other diseases including coronavirus.

The villagers have also alleged the government’s lackadaisical attitude for the death of the eight children, saying their lives could have been saved had the health department intervened in time.

The mysterious fever has also gripped some adults and the residents of Chili are now living in fear.

Chili village has a population of around 4000 people who live without any government health centre and the villagers have also claimed that health officials don’t pay the visit for years.

In addition to that, the residents have connected rubber pipes to the main water pipelines that are reportedly contaminated, and as a result, they are using polluted water.

Adding to their misery, the poor condition of the streets has become the breeding ground for mosquitoes.

The health department has installed an OPD service at the village head’s house where people are being tested for dengue, malaria, COVID-19, and other diseases, a Senior Medical Officer (SMO) Dr. Vijay Kumar informed on September 13, 2021.

The SMO added that the health team has also found mosquito larvae in the water samples taken from the village.

 While talking about the deaths of the children, he said it is not clear yet whether the children have died from dengue, and since some have died at the Nalhar Medical College, the doctors there will reveal the exact cause of these deaths.


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