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With over 800 letters, father of deceased 7-year-old seeks justice

Jayant Singh with other victims of medical negligence
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NEW DELHI: Jayant Singh, the father of seven--year-old Adya Singh who died after 15 days treatment in Fortis Hospital, Gurugram, last year has written over 800 emotional letter to members of Parliament, all cabinet ministers, judges and other law makers demanding justice for his deceased baby.

He has been joined by 100 parents of other medical negligence victims and members of some NGOs. They organized a press conference in Delhi on September 14, 2018, and demanded justice for the child.

Adya Singh was a victim of rampant greed, fueled by profit targets and an insatiable desire of doctors to carry out unnecessary medical procedures on trusting patients.

Jayant Singh has said in his letters: “My objective in sending this representation to you is to spread awareness about the widespread corruption in the medical industry and connivance between them and those who are appointed to regulate them.”

He stated that it is absolutely shocking and shameful that even though we are in the year 2018, India still lacks a dedicated medical negligence authority and instead relies upon a whimsical ethics committee, which convenes sporadically as per its whims and fancies.

“There are thousands of cases of gross medical negligence and corporate mismanagement which are completely overlooked by the government and worse, there are reported instances of bribe—taking by those appointed to safeguard the health of Indian citizens,” he added.

The letter requested law makers, “The medical profession in India is in need of urgent and stringent regulation compelling them to act responsibly and not just for motives of profit.”

Detailing his baby's case, he said that the situation is so pathetic that despite a detailed enquiry report by the state medical council holding the hospitals and doctors responsible negligent the Medical Council of India is still shamelessly pursuing me for documents which it ought to have taken from the Haryana state medical council.

He said, “Such a level of apathy and incompetence is incomprehensible and totally unexpected from what is supposed to be India’s Apex Medical Regulator.”


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