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Pharmaceutical companies in India

Telangana Carrying Out Non Communicable Diseases Survey

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Inkeshaf Ahmed
Telangana has launched a state-wide survey to identify people suffering from non communicable diseases (NCD) like blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and respiratory problems.

The survey is being called the 'NCD survey'. The main objective of this survey is to gather the health details of each and every person of the state above 30 years of age.

The authorities will conduct tests on them to find out if they are suffering any of the five non communicable diseases. The patients will be given proper treatment and medicines.

The survey was launched in the state on  February 1, 2019, by authorities of the health department. According to a study conducted by the officials of the National Health Mission, it was found that 60 percent of the deaths in the country are due to the non identification of symptoms of NCDs by the victims. Keeping this in mind, the state government decided to launch the survey to reach out to all those who need attention and proper treatment.

The timeline to complete the survey is six months.

The authorities have already completed the screening of 15,232 people so far in Mahbubnagar district of the state. One sub center located in the villages will have two ANMs and two Asha workers.

They will screen 30 people every day by performing tests like BP and sugar and take their physical measurements like weight, height and waist size. Personal details like past history of the patients will also be collected by the authorities as part of the survey. The details so gathered will initially be entered into a register. They will then be uploaded online through a tab.

The details so uploaded will then be shared with the patients in the form of a health record. The records will be helpful for the patients at all times in the future. The authorities will set up a special wing for holding NCD clinics at every PHC of the district. The diagnostic equipment to screen patients for cancer tests and others have already reached the NCD clinics. The staff of the health department are going to each and every household in different villages of the state and performing tests. The medicines are distributed on the spot to the patients suffering from BP and sugar ailments. Arrangements have also been made to distribute the medicines every month with the help of sub centers located in the villages. A four- step screening will be done to find out the patients suffering from non communicable diseases.


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