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Controlling medicine prices: Patients have saved Rs 12400 cr

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Dr P D Vaghela

NEW DELHI : Due to the drug pricing control order (DPCO) in 2017 patients across India have saved more than Rs 12400 crore, Secretary of the Department of Pharmaceuticals, Dr P D Vaghela, has claimed.

Dr Vaghela was speaking at an event organized by the Integrated Health and Wellness Council in Delhi

The secretary also said that Jan Aushadhi stores in India have generated huge savings for consumers in the last financial year.

“My request to all doctors is to prescribe generic drugs at least to the poor patients. The generic drugs are like the branded medicines,” Dr Vaghela added.

Dr Vaghela emphasized the role of healthcare staff other than doctors in providing quality healthcare and that they should come under the ambit of continuing medical education.

He also highlighted the series of technological advances that have made headway across the world and are going to impact India as well in the healthcare sector.


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