Pharmaceutical companies in India
Pharmaceutical companies in India

Men's health needs more attention: Dr Himanshu Verma

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Dr Himanshu Verma

 Rohit Shishodia
Prostate cancer, unbalanced lipid profile and male depression are some of the diseases that remain undiagnosed in men and ignorance of these diseases can turn fatal in men’s lives. Men remain unaware of these problems and they remain unaddressed or undiagnosed.

Dr Himanshu Verma, Head of Department, Nephrology and Renal Transplant, Safdarjung Hospital, told DTMT that the male is the foundation of the family. The foundation should be strong and healthy to support the family. But the health of this foundation, most of the times, is ignored.

Speaking about the upcoming Beardo-Thon run in Gurugram on November 17, 2019, Dr Verma has said that prostate related diseases have been found in men but this disease remains unaddressed.

Prostate is a gland in men whose functions are regulated by the Testosterone hormone. With the progress of age, the size of the prostate also increases, which is normal.

In a few men, the size of the prostate increases so much that it hinders the flow of urine. This leads to stoppage of urine because the urinary bladder is located close to the prostate.

This stoppage causes urinary tract infections and prostate inflammation. After the age of 70, this can also lead to prostate cancer.

This cancer can spread to other parts of the body, such as liver, lungs and brain, through the blood. It mostly spreads to the bones. Cancers cells destroy normal cells and it continues to spread.

“But this problem needs a solution. It can be treated by removing part of the prostate that has cancer. For this, there is need to spread awareness through men’s health events such as Beardo-Thon in Gurugram,” said Dr Verma, who is associated with Bharat Beard Club.

“If an individual notices blood in the urine and change of color of the urine, then he should go for screening. Prostate cancer can be spotted by routine urine examination and prostate specific antigen (PSA). If the level of PSA reaches 20 or 25, then he should go for ultrasound to examine the size of the prostate,” said Dr Verma.

He further said that male depression has emerged as a significant problem. It is generally considered that men are strong enough to tackle any problem. In fact, this is not a reality. This needs to be addressed. Suicidal tendencies among males are being seen. This can be prevented by emotional counseling of males.   

“Hypertension, diabetes and lipid imbalance are also found more in males as compared to females. This is because males neglect their health and give priority to their family. This leads to a stressful lifestyle. This can lead to heart diseases but can be prevented by checking blood pressure at least twice in a month. You have to check your lipid profile at least once a year,” explained Dr Verma.


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