Delhi: COVID patient off ventilator with plasma therapy

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Dr Sandeep Budhiraja, Max Hospital

The Max Hospital in Saket has administered plasma therapy on a 49 years old critical coronavirus patient and it is showing positive results with the patient being weaned off ventilator support, the hospital said on Monday.

The infected patient was admitted at the hospital with moderate symptoms, history of fever and respiratory issues on April 4, the hospital stated. His condition thereafter worsened and he was placed on ventilator.

When the patient showed no improvement in his condition, his family requested the hospital for administration of plasma therapy and arrange a donor for extracting plasma, the hospital said.

The patient was administered fresh plasma as a treatment modality as a side-line to standard treatment protocols on the night of April 14th, it said.

The hospital claims, "After receiving the treatment, the patient showed progressive improvement and by the fourth day, was taken off ventilator support on April 18."

Dr Sandeep Budhiraja, Group Medical Director at the hospital, said, “In a country like India, a therapy of such kind has a good potential to help COVID patients who have disease severity which fits into moderate to severe category."

"Government regulations should work towards making it more accessible for hospitals across the country to be able to use it," he added.


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