Yoga, chyawanprash in protocol for corona recovered

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Yoga, Pranayama, morning walks and having chyawanprash are some of the fresh sets of instructions by the Indian Health Ministry for people who have recovered from Covid-19.

Calling for a holistic approach for follow up care and well-being of all post-Covid recovered patients, the Health ministry said such patients must continue Covid-appropriate behaviour by use of mask, hand and respiratory hygiene and physical distancing.

The protocol provides an approach for managing patients who have recovered from Covid-19 for care at home.

However, the procedure is not meant to be seen as preventive or as a curative therapy. The recovery period is likely to be longer for patients who suffered more severely from the disease and those with pre-existing illness, the ministry said in a guidance note.

At individual level, the protocol suggested drinking adequate amounts of warm water, taking immunity promoting AYUSH medicine prescribed by a qualified practitioner of AYUSH and, if health permits, then regular household work to be done. It advised people to resume professional work in a graded manner.


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