Don't lower guard against Corona: IMA to Govt

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IMA president Dr JA Jayalal

 Rohit Shishodia
The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has urged the government not to lower guard against coronavirus that is again increasing in different parts of the country.

The IMA’s request has come against the backdrop of pandemic vs endemic talk in political corridors.

“It is painful to note that discussion on endemic vs pandemic status of diseases are echoing in the political corridors. However, it ought to be substantiated by scientific evidence by the World Health Organization or Indian Council of Medical Research only,” said IMA in a press release.

The IMA has stated that corona pandemic with its disastrous tentacles and widespread infectivity were under control amidst a spike here and there by the dedicated and coordinated services rendered timely by governments and private modern medical healthcare providers.

“However, the stage is not ripe to call it the end of pandemic or endemic. The introduction of a much efficacious and safe corona vaccine in our country is a tool for us to face this challenging war with confidence,” said the IMA.

“But for India and Argentina, the whole world had faced the second wave and its much vitreous consequences. The invasion of muted virus UK variant, South Africa variant and Brazil variant are still haunting us,” emphasized the IMA.

The last one week has shown a 35 to 40% increase in the number of cases from different parts of the state and even in capital India the daily average has risen up from 100 to 140 patients.

“Let us not boast or trumpet ourselves and indulge in prognosticating the course of this viral disease and off guard our preventive measures against this dreaded disease at this stage,” said the IMA.

The doctors’ body has pointed out that the good gain of cohesive frontal services of keeping physical distance, hand and respiratory hygiene, masking and the timely supportive vaccination drive, shall not go in vain with this tussle of words.

IMA said that it feels as countries are still reeling under the clutches of this disease, we need to deem it as pandemic only at this stage and work hard for preventive, curative and rehabilitative works, it added.

“Unauthorized political statements shall invoke false sense of security. Hence, IMA, whose 740 frontline warriors had lost their life in this war against corona, appeal to all our fellow citizens to be vigilant in wearing mask, physical distancing and hygiene and take vaccination to get immunity and altruistic health contribution for herd immunity. True, days are not far for us to celebrate, but let us be on guard at this moment,” explained the IMA.


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