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Yoga has nothing to do with religion: Vice President

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NEW DELHI: Yoga has nothing to do with religion, even as a number of people unfortunately attribute religious overtones to this ancient scientific system, India's Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu said on October 10, 2017.

While inaugurating a two-day International Conference on Yoga for Wellness in Delhi, Naidu said yoga is a science of health that needs to be studied and practiced just as other medical methods.

The vice president called yoga as the mother of all exercises which become a part of our daily routine to fight modern-day health problems, both physical and mental.

He said that Yoga aims to help us to get a state of equilibrium when we are at peace with ourselves so that we can build a peaceful environment.

The vice president praised Baba Ramdev for taking yoga to every house and said it is the best medicine as its cost is zero.

“The very old scientific system - Yoga also helps in the spiritual quest of an individual through understanding of the inner self and achieving complete peace with the surroundings," he added.

While yoga is an integral part of ‘Health and Physical Education’ in India, it is also getting popularity in schools of the United States, UK and Australia because of its encouraging effects on concentration levels and  emotional balance.

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