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Consuming marijuana can lead to bipolar disorder

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Marijuana consumption has already been linked to psychiatric disorders.

Teenagers consuming marijuana need to quit it as it can lead to bipolar disorder in their adulthood. A recent study conducted by scientists in the United Kingdom suggests that using marijuana twice or thrice in a week can cause bipolar disorders such as hypomania.

Symptoms of bipolar disorders include impaired judgment, feeling wired, boredom, under-performing in studies, belief that nothing is wrong, squandering money, abusing illegal drugs or alcohol, and taking part in dangerous activities.

A team of scientists led by Dr Steven Marwaha, a Clinical Academic Psychiatrist at the University of Warwick, the UK, reviewed the data available on 3,370 participants from a UK cohort study called the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children.

The scientists examined the link between consumption of marijuana at the age of 17 and the development of hypomania at ages 22-23. Using regression analysis, the scientists adjusted other factors such as gender, alcohol and other drug use, early environmental risk factors such as childhood adversity, depression and psychosis at the age of 18.

The study concluded that consumption marijuana thrice a week is a strong predictor for hypomania in early adulthood. It was also concluded that a higher usage of marijuana could lead to other conditions too.

The scientists have recommended prevention of use of marijuana.

Dr Marwaha pointed out that this study is rare due to the investigation of the link between marijuana usage and bipolar disorder symptoms. Earlier studies had focused on the link between marijuana usage and other psychiatric disorders which is considered to be common.

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