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Sport, physical activity, essential for overall health

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 Piyush Trivedi
Lack of physical activity makes the bones brittle, reduces vision and leads to general ill-health. This can be reversed by having a balanced lifestyle, which also includes outdoors physical activity.

Physical activities and playing sports is the need of the hour for better health even if one has a hectic schedule. Several health complications such as heart, eye, bone, and digestive problems can be prevented by playing sports or even by regular brisk walks, say doctors.

Dr Sachin Kumar, Department of Orthopedics, Ram Monhar Lohia hospital, has emphasized the benefits of outdoor games in proper physical development of children. Dr. Sachin told DTMT that these days parents are encouraging children to focus on studies. However, it is also important for children to take part in outdoor games. He said that outdoor sports, as compared to indoor games, are far better in building strong bones in kids. Physical activity improves bone density when compared to sitting at home. Physical activity also helps in the proper development of children's brain.

Dr. Sachin said that older people can take a brisk walk and practice yoga regularly. This will be helpful for them and in the winter season. He emphasized the importance of sunbath as this gives Vitamin D to the whole body. Vitamin D is essential for the bones to get stronger.

Similarly, Dr. Rahul Sharma, Eye Surgeon in Delhi's Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, stated that physical activity improves our general health. Diabetes and blood pressure problems have a direct impact on the eyes.

Dr Sharma told DTMT that if those suffering from these problems do some physical activity and burn calories, the toxins in their bodies are eliminated with a consequent beneficial impact on their health. Dr. Sharma said that after the year 2000 mobile phones have become all pervasive with everyone busy on the phone. The result is that the ciliary muscles (in the front portion of the eyes) of those overusing the cell-phones get stretched, which tends to reduce their vision.

This is why it is of utmost importance that children should have a balanced lifestyle, in which the focus on academics should be accompanied by outdoor sports and physical activity.

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