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Dr R N Kalra:Treatment as per patient's needs

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BS Rawat

Kalra Hospital Delhi, seeks to bridge the gap between the needy patients and the fast evolving medical technology.

69 years-old Dr RN Kalra, Medical Director & CEO of the hospital, told DTMT, “Deserving patients are referred to us and many have received free medical and surgical services including high end procedures likeCABG, Valve replacement, Cancer treatment, Orthopedic surgery etc.”

"We understand that heart disease is unique to each patient, so we tailor treatment plans according to patient’s specific cardiology needs. Our goal is to deliver high-quality heart care that will help our patients lead active lives."

With 150 beds, the hospital offers various health care services such as cardiology, 24x7 emergency services, burns  and  plastic surgery, dentistry, nephrology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, cancer treatment, vascular treatment, rheumatology and critical care.

The medical education programs at Kalra Hospital focus on the enhancement of the professional clinical knowledge of doctors and also provides visiting medical students with an immersive introduction to the health system in India designed to help them become well-rounded, successful doctors, Dr Kalra told DTMT.

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