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Timely treatment saves stroke affected man in Mumbai

Dr Mazda Turel
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Timely treatment and an unlocked phone saved a 45-year-old man from probable death recently in Mumbai. The patient was treated by neurosurgeons of Wockhardt hospital.

The patient, Nitin Kamat (name changed) was going to his office. But midway to his office, he suffered a stroke. An unknown person saw him falling. The man took the mobile phone out of his pocket and called his family members who immediately reached the spot.

The patient’s condition was deteriorating and he needed immediate treatment. He was taken to Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central.  

Dr Mazda Turel, Consultant Neurosurgeon, Wockhardt Hospital, said that Mr Kamat had a hemorrhage with an infarction of his right cerebral hemisphere and his condition was rapidly deteriorating clinically.

Dr Turel added that an immediate surgery was planned and his bone flap was removed and placed in the abdomen. This procedure gives space for the swollen brain to expand outward rather than compress the vital structures within.

Dr Turel further said that after two to three weeks, a surgery was performed to replace the bone flap and give his skull the required shape.

The patient started regaining full power in his left upper and lower limb within 56 days of an intense rehabilitation program. His tracheostomy was removed and he started eating and speaking normally. Speech therapy was also given to him to bring back his voice, facial, lip, tongue and larynx movements.

The doctors pointed out that early treatment is essential to reduce death and disability. They have committed to follow FAST (Face, Arms, Speech and Time) principle that includes inspecting the face of patients and asking them to smile, urging them to raise both their arms, asking them to try to speak and depending on the feedback, time to call emergency medical services.


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