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MCI to introduce moral education in MBBS course

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With the objective to impart moral values among the MBBS students, the regulator of Medical education in India, Medical Council of India (MCI) has decided to introduce the moral education subject from the upcoming academic year.

The decision has been taken by the MCI following reports that moral values like humanity and moral responsibility are on the decline among the MBBS students. It is observed that the trend of lack of moral values has gone up in the MBBS students after the mushrooming of private medical colleges in the country. “Several MBBS graduates got their seats in the private medical colleges by paying lakhs of rupees as donation and tuition fee. It is but natural for all such students to join the profession with the sole aim of recovering the investment that they made on the medical course. They are referring clinical investigations, even though there is no requirement to refer the investigations, in order to make the extra money,” an official of the MCI said.

The MCI has issued certain guidelines. In the guidelines, it has made it clear that there would be a special subject on moral education and humanity. The MCI has also introduced several changes in the academic session of the MBBS course as part of its reforms.

It has stated that the MBBS first year students should visit the hospital from their first year and train themselves under the supervision of seniors. As part of the existing curriculum the undergraduate medical students are supposed to visit the hospital only after the completion of their one and half year course. The medical education regulator  has also decided to introduce skill development as a full fledged subject for the MBBS students.

There are several other important changes brought in by the MCI. The academic year of the MBBS first year students will  be 14 months from the upcoming academic year. Similarly, the term of the second year MBBS course has been reduced to 12 months. The second year will have the introduction of clinical  subjects and  community medicine. There is no change in the academic session of the third year MBBS course. It wil remain a 12 month academic session.

However, there would be a two month long session that the undergraduate medical students will have to undergo  between the third and the fourth year. The students will be taught a subject called Elective Skills and assessment course during these two months. The fourth year has been increased to 13 months.


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