Delhi hospital removes 24 kg tumor in Tanzanian man

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Dr Pradeep Jain with his team of doctors and patient post surgery

NEW DELHI : Aloyce John Jawe was suffering from a high grade gastro intestinal stromal tumor -- a cancer that arises in fat cells in deep soft tissue. The tumor, which weighed 24 kg, had grown immensely and caused severe medical distress to the patient.

The patient was flown from Tanzania to India after the doctors there said they were not able to complete the operation as the tumor size had increased manifold and was suppressing major organs.

The MRI report showed a large tumor in the abdomen pushing the intestines on one side and compressing the ureters.

A team of oncologists headed by Dr Pradeep Jain, Director GI Oncology, Fortis Hospital-Shalimar Bagh, advised immediate surgery.

"In a 6-hour surgery, the tumor was removed, along with a segment of the small intestine and urinary bladder," said Dr Jain, in a statement on Monday.

He said, “The surgery was successful and the patient is responding very well to the treatment. It is very rare to see the tumor grow to such an extent.”

"The patient can get back to his normal life in one month," Dr Jain added.


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