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Delhi: Cyberknife saves mother of two from paralysis

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Dr Aditya Gupta, Director, Neurosurgery and Cyberknife Centre, Artemis Hospital.

NEW DELHI : A 30-year-old housewife having a rare spinal cord tumor for over 6 months was successfully treated at Delhi’s Artemis Hospital recently. The tumor was persistently hampering her routine works and could have left her paralyzed.

Keeping in mind the size and location of the cancer, which would have been risky to diagnose with conventional radiotherapy, the team of doctors decided to perform cyberknife robotic surgery.

The surgery took 40 minutes and the patient was discharged immediately. Radiographic reports showed that the tumor had subsided completely after the first session without affecting the healthy cells.

The woman had been ignoring the aggravated pain in her left shoulder for several months, said Dr Aditya Gupta, Director, Neurosurgery and Cyberknife Centre, Artemis Hospital.

“Being a mother of two, the woman thought the pain was due to exertion, but she had been in consistent and unbearable pain that led to difficulty in walking at times. The patient started losing sensation in her arms and legs,” Dr Gupta stated.

The doctor added, “This is where cyberknife is effective and a safer option. Being a non-invasive and pain free surgery, the cancer was completely removed with high dosage of targeted radiation.”

Dr Gupta claimed, “Cyberknife, being flexible in producing radiations, is one of the top options for treatment of spinal tumor.”


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