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It is a long acting antiarrhythmic, prominent action being prolongation of APD and ERP in atria, A-V node, conducting tissue and ventricular fibres.


Tachyarrhythmias associated with W-P-W syndrome, atrial flutter & fibrillation, paroxysmal tachyarrhythmias not responding to other agents.


200 mg thrice daily for one week then 200 mg twice daily for one week. Maintain on minimum effective dose : 200 mg daily.


Bradycardia, A.V. block, goitre.

Special Precautions

Pregnancy, lactation, cardiac failure, monitor thyroid & hepatic functions, hypothyroidism, renal disorders, eye disease. Paediatrics: Not recommended. Pregnancy:May affect the infant hence contraindicated. Lactation: May pass in breast milk. Hence not to be used. Elderly: Reduced dose may be necessary.

Side Effects

G.I. upsets, microdeposits in cornea, photosensitization, pulmonary alveolitis, hepatic & neurological effects.

Drug Interactions

Potentiates the effect of warfarin.Digoxin concentration rises ,additive effects observed with Beta-blockers and calcium antagonists. Potentiation of antiarrhythmic drugs.

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