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It is alpha-2 agonist. It is used for prevention of post surgical elevations in IOP after phacoemulsification, anterior segment laser surgery. Short term treatment of primary or secondary glaucoma, usually as additional medications.


Adults: 1 drop three times a day. Perioperative: 1 drop, 1 hr before and after the surgery.


Hypersensitivity, sever cardiovascular disease.

Special Precautions

Hypertension Pregnancy: Safety not established Lactation: Safety not established Elderly: Can be used

Side Effects

Ocular: Hyperaemia, discomfort, irritation, blanching, foreign body sensation and photophobia. Non-ocular: Dry mouth, headache, dysgeusia, facial oedema, myalgia, malaise, bradycardia.

Drug Interactions

Not to use with MAOI. Other with clonidine, antihypertensives,cardiac glycosides, beta blockers.

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