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Areca Catechu

Areca Catechu

-Areca catechu, commonly known as betel nut or areca nut, is the seed of the Areca palm tree. It is often chewed in combination with slaked lime and betel leaves, a practice known as betel chewing. While it has cultural significance in some regions, it's important to note that betel nut chewing has been associated with various health risks, and its use is a matter of concern in public health.Areca catechu is a palm tree native to the Philippines and distributed in tropical regions of Asia and the Pacific. The betel nut is the seed of this palm and is commonly used in cultural and social practices, particularly in South and Southeast Asia. -It is derived from the Areca plant and is commonly known as betel nut. It possesses antioxidant,anti-parasitic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-allergic, and cardioprotective properties.


-Traditionally, betel nut has been used for its stimulant properties. It has been claimed to have mild psychoactive effects and is often chewed for its stimulant and euphoric effects. However, its use is associated with several health risks, including oral cancer, and is not recommended for medicinal purposes. -Schizophrenia, glaucoma, stroke, abdominal discomfort, indigestion, diarrhoea, jaundice, and different parasitic infections.


-There is no established therapeutic dosage for betel nut, as its use is not recommended for medical purposes. The chewing of betel nut is discouraged due to its association with various health issues. -The average dosage for areca catechu powder is 1 to 3 grams and the dosage for decoction is 10-15 ml.


-Betel nut chewing is contraindicated due to its association with oral cancer, cardiovascular issues, and other health risks. It is not recommended for medicinal use, and its recreational use is discouraged. -Kidney impairment, asthma, ulcers, and bradycardia ( low blood pressure).

Special Precautions

-Pregnant women and individuals with pre-existing health conditions should avoid betel nut use. The stimulant properties of betel nut can have adverse effects on health, and caution should be exercised. -It is contraindicated during pregnancy and breastfeeding. -Taking 8 to 20 grams of areca catechu powder can cause chronic adverse effects and even death.

Side Effects

-Betel nut chewing has been associated with several side effects, including but not limited to oral cancer, stained teeth, cardiovascular issues, and addiction. Prolonged use can lead to serious health consequences. -Vomiting, severe addiction, mouth ulcer, colon cancer, oral cancer, difficulty in breathing, hyperlipidemia, and arrhythmia.

Drug Interactions

-There is limited information on specific drug interactions with betel nut. However, given its stimulant properties, caution should be exercised when using it alongside other substances that may affect the central nervous system or cardiovascular system. -Anticholinergic drugs, antihistamine drugs, antidepressant drugs, and cholinergic drugs.

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