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It is a mixture of 3{-1-[4-6(-methoxy-8-quinolinyl) amino]pentyl} amino} ethylidenedihydro-2-(3H) furanone and it's tautomers.


Treatment and prevention of relapse of P.vivax malaria.


The exact dosage recommended for clinical use is 25mg once daily for 5 days. This should be given along with chloroquine for complete cure of malaria. It should be started from Day 2 of chloroquine therapy


Rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, concurrent administration of drugs known to cause haemolysis.

Special Precautions

There is no need to conduct a G-6PDH deficiency test before administering bulaquine. However in patients with confirmed G-6PDH deficiency caution is necessary. Its use in pregnant and lactating women should be avoided, as controlled trials to confirm its safety and tolerability in these conditions have yet to be undertaken. No studies have been done in children.

Side Effects

Clinical data generated so far has not shown any adverse drug reactions.

Drug Interactions

Specific studies with other drugs have bot been undertaken except with chloroquine where it was concurrently used in the phase II/III clinical trials without any adverse effects.

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