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They are palliative; produce gratifying relief in primary as well as metastatic carcinoma prostate. It i an androgen dependent tumour and estrogens act by suppressing androgen production (through pituitary). In addition, they may be antagonizing androgen action in the tumour. Stilbestrol diphosphate is prefered as it is concentrated in the prostate. They are also palliative in certain cases of carcinoma breast in late postmenopausal women. Tumours having estrogen receptor generally respond, but therapy is reserved for in operable or metastatic cases.


palliative treatment of selected cases of disseminated mammary or prostatic carcinoma.


Initial treatment with high dosage parenteral therapy. Maint. : 1-2 tabs. thrice daily. Inj. : Initial treatment : 500 mg i.v. daily for 5-10 days, then 250 mg daily for 10-20 days.


have been listed in chapter on hormones.

Special Precautions

have been listed in chapter on hormones.

Side Effects

have been listed in chapter on hormones.

Drug Interactions

Enhance toxic effects of imipramine, reduces effect of anticoagulants and hypoglycaemic agents. Rifampicin, barbiturates and phenytoin increase rate of metabolism. Enhance activity of phenytoin.

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