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Ibandronic Acid

Ibandronic Acid

It is a synthetic nitrogen containing bisphosphonate which inhibits farnesyl pyrophosphate synthetase that leads to reduction of GTPase synthetase levels and apoptosis of osteoclasts. It increases bone mineral density, decreases bone remodeling, inhibits osteoclast mediated bone resorption and reduces bone pains related to metastases and corticosteroids.


Used in the prevention and treatment of post menopausal osteoporosis. Prevention of bone damage in breast cancer patients when cancer has spread to the bone. Reduction of high blood calcium levels.


2.5mg once daily, taken before any food or drink in the morning and no food or drink to be taken until half an hour taking the drug. Patient should not lie down for one hour after taking the drug.


Patient with renal dysfunction and in patients undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy as it can lead to development of ostonecrosis.

Special Precautions

There is an increased risk of severe joint or bone pains and development of stomach ulcers when taking this drug. Other risks reported include inflammation of esophagus, difficulty swallowing and osteonecrosis of jaw.

Side Effects

G.I. disturbances, increased blood pressure levels and abdominal pain constitute the most significant side effects of the drug. Joint pains, headache and throat inflammation can also occur.

Drug Interactions

Calcium decreases the effectiveness of the drug and should not be taken with this drug. NSAIDs are avoided to be taken with this drug due to their gastro-intestinal effects.

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