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It is a later added opiate analogue with weak anticholinergic property. Does not enter brain hence no CNS effects, no abuse liability. It improves faecal continence by enhancing anal sphincter tone.


Symptomatic relief of diarrhoeas.


4 mg followed by 2 mg after each motion. Max. 16 mg in 24 hrs for 5 days. Children : 2 mg followed by 2 mg after ech motion. Max 12 mg in a day (0.48 mg/kg bodywt)


Acute infective diarrhoeas, Small children.

Special Precautions

Glaucoma, hepatic dysfunction, Crohn’s disease, urinary bladder neck obstruction. In acute infective diarrhoea specific drug therapy should be initiated with loperamide. Paediatrics: Reduced dose necessary. Not recommended under 4 years. Pregnancy: Safety not established. Elderly: No special problem.

Side Effects

G.I. disturbances, rash, gastric retention, intestinal stasis, atony.

Drug Interactions

None reported.

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