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It is very effecive in multiple myeloma, bone marrow depression is its most pronounced side effect. Also used for regional perfusion in malignant melocnoma.


Multiple myeloma. Breast carcinoma. Advanced ovarian carcinoma. and other malignancies.


10 mg daily for 7 days or 6 mg/day for 2-3 wks- 4 wks gap -2-4 mg daily maintenance orally.


Hypersensitivity, prnancy, lactation, myelosuppression.

Special Precautions

Haematological monitorig is required during therapy. Paediatrics: Contraindicated in infants. Pregnancy: Should not be used. Lactation: Should not be used. Elderly: Use with caution.

Side Effects

Menstrual irregularities. Pulmonary fibrosis, alopecia, bone marrow depression. haemolytic anaemia.

Drug Interactions

Potentiates risk of renal damage due to cyclosporine, toxicity reduced by pretreatment wh cyclophosphamide, antineoplastic action potentiated by prednisone.

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