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It is a recently introduced diphenylbutyl piperidine derivative. It is a selective DA antagonist with little alpha adrenergic or cholinergic blocking activity. It produces a low incidence of dystonic reactions. Because of long duration of action (several days) after a single oral dose, it is considered good for maintenance therapy but not when psychomotor agitation is prominent.


Acute schizophrenia, chronic schizophrenia, manic excitement.


Initially 1-2mg once daily.Maint. 2-6mg daily.


History of Cardiac arrhythmias. Prolonged Q-T interval.

Special Precautions

Expectant mothers, hepatic & renal impairment. Monitor E.C.G. prior to & during treatment. Epilepsy, Parkinson syndrome. Endogenous depression. Donot interact with cardioactive or neuroleptic agents. Electrolyte imbalance. Paediatrics: Not recommended below 12 years. Pregnancy: Safety not established. Lactation: Use with caution. Elderly: The dose to be reduced.

Side Effects

Extrapyramidal reactions, nervousness, irritability, insomnia, drowsiness, weakness, dizziness.

Drug Interactions

Potentiates CNS depressants like anaesthetics, alcohol, barbiturates, anti-histaminics and benzodiazepines. Propranolol and cimetidine decrease hepatic metabolism and increases efficacy and toxicity.

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