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It decreases heart rate, force of contraction and cardiac output. On prolonged administration BP gradually falls in hypertensives but not normotensives.


Hypertension, angina pectoris, cardiac arrhythmias, post M.I. tachycardia,migraine,anxiety.


10 mg B.D. to 160 mg Q.I.D (average 40-160 mg/day)


Obstructive (COPD) (asthmatics). Partial or complete heart block. C.H.F. Acute M.I. Cardiogenic shock. Digitalis & verapamil therapy.

Special Precautions

Impaired renal & hepatic functions, pregnancy, cardiac failure. Myocardial insufficiency, reduced cardiac reserve.

Side Effects

Tiredness, lack of drive, G.I. upsets, nightmares, forgetfulness, rarely hallucinations, muscle fatigue.

Drug Interactions

Hypertension & bradycardia with adrenaline. Reduced heart rate & output with anaesthetic agents. Severe bradycardia may occur with digitalis and calcium channel blockers. Elevated blood levels with cimetidine. Hypotensive effect reduced by indomethacin. Additive effect with other antihypertensives and diuretics.

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