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S- amlodipine

S- amlodipine

It is the chirally pure form of amlodipine. It is twice as potent with lesser incidence of adverse effects like pheripheral edema as compared to racemic amlodipine. S(-) amlodipine has greater pharmacological activity and 1000 times more potent than R(+) isomer. Amlodipine inhibits the transmembrane influx of caclium into the vascular smooth muscles and cardiac smooth muscles.


Refractory hypertension, or essential hypertension co-existing with CCF or diabetic nephropathy.


The dosage of S-Amlodipine should be determined by a healthcare professional based on individual patient factors. Typically, the initial dose is 5mg once daily, with adjustments made as necessary.


S-Amlodipine is contraindicated in patients with known hypersensitivity to amlodipine or any component of the formulation. It should also be avoided in patients with severe hypotension and certain cardiac conditions.

Special Precautions

Volume depleted by diuretic therapy, dietary salt restriction, dialysis, diarrhoea or vomitting, severe renal disease, hepatic impairment or severe heart failure.

Side Effects

Amlodipine is associated with peripheral edema, headache, dizziness, flushing and abdominal pain. S-(-)amlodipine increases the potency of amlodipine and lower doses can be given and can also eliminate unwanted side effects.

Drug Interactions

S-Amlodipine may interact with other medications, including certain antifungals, antibiotics, and grapefruit juice. Inform your healthcare provider about all prescribed and over-the-counter medications to avoid potential interactions.

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