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Unaqua Sodium Chloride

Unaqua Sodium Chloride

Unaqua Sodium Chloride is a sterile, non-pyrogenic, isotonic solution of sodium chloride. It is used for various medical purposes, including irrigation, wound cleansing, and as a diluent for other medications.


-Irrigation of wounds, body cavities, and mucous membranes. -Wound cleansing. -Nasal irrigation. -Inhalation therapy. -Diluent for inhalation medications. -Contact lens solution.


Dosage varies depending on the specific indication and the healthcare provider's instructions. Always follow the prescribed dosage and administration method.


-Hypersensitivity to sodium chloride or any other ingredients in the solution. -Use cautiously in patients with congestive heart failure, renal impairment, or electrolyte imbalances.

Special Precautions

-Use with caution in patients with impaired renal function. -Do not use if the solution is discolored or contains particles. -Monitor electrolyte levels, especially in patients with underlying medical conditions.

Side Effects

Side effects are rare but may include: -Irritation at the site of application. -Allergic reactions such as rash or itching.

Drug Interactions

There are no known drug interactions with Unaqua Sodium Chloride. However, it is essential to inform your healthcare provider about all medications you are taking, including over-the-counter drugs and supplements.

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