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Man wears walk in stilettos during International Women's Day at HCG Cancer Center Bengaluru

Bengaluru: HCG Cancer Centre Celebrates International Women's Day

HCG Cancer, Bengaluru, celebrated International Women’s Day by organising a social experiment #InHerShoes, where men were challenged to walk in stilettos and share their experiences on how it actually feels to be in a women’s shoes.

The campaign aimed to create a powerful visual message, serving as a symbol of the everyday struggles of women. By challenging men to walk in stilettos, HCG hoped to encourage a greater understanding and appreciation for the physical and emotional pain that women endure.

In addition to the social experiment, HCG Cancer Centre, Bangalore organized a patient engagement event featuring a panel discussion with consultants and cancer warriors.

The discussion focused on cancer in women and aimed to raise awareness of its impact. The event also highlighted the stories of cancer warriors, who shared their struggles in fighting cancer, in a bid to inspire others. They also walked the ramp. About 25 patients, among others, attended the insightful program.

Ms Manisha Kumar, COO, HCG Cancer Centre Bengaluru, said, “At HCG, we believe in the tenacity and strength of women. Through the 'Colours of Empowerment' campaign, we aimed to celebrate their incredible achievements while raising awareness about the challenges they face. Our social experiment was a unique experience that allowed men to step into women's shoes, both literally and metaphorically, and gain a deeper understanding of the struggles that women often endure.”

“It was heartening to see participants walking in solidarity to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment. Similarly, the aim was of patient engagement event was to celebrate women's achievements and showcase the resilience and strength of women cancer warriors,” Mr Kumar added.

The 'Colours of Empowerment' campaign highlights HCG's ongoing commitment to promoting gender equality and women's empowerment. It encourages others to join in this important cause and help create a better future for all women.

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