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DNSH doctors perform complicated liver transplant from cadaver donor to save 16-year-old girl

A 16-year-old girl studying in class 11 and a former government school teacher got a new lease on life when the family of 39-year-old East Delhi resident Manikandan Ayaappan who had met with a fatal accident’s decided to donate his organ after being counselled by National Organ and Tissue Donation Organisation.

Rashmi (name changed), a 16-year-old girl facing a traumatic life due to liver failure, was forced to remain confined to her home and received a new lease on life after doctors from Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital (DNSH) performed a complicated liver transplant procedure on February 28, 2023, and she was released from the hospital in good condition on March 27, 2023.

On this occasion, DNSH and NOTTO honoured the family of the late ManikandanAyaappan, whose selfless gesture not only saved the girl's life but also that of the former government schoolteacher who was on regular dialysis for the previous year and a half.  

Dr Archana Kumari, Consultant Coordinator at NOTTO,  stated, “It is critical that society accept organ donation as the norm and that more people sign up to donate to save the lives of those with organ failure.”

Pointing out that each individual is a potential donor with the ability to impact over eight lives, she added, “We applaud Mr Manikandan and his family for recognising the importance of organ donation and committing to this noble deed.”

Actions like that of the one taken by Mr Manikandan’s family, rising above their personal loss urges the society as a whole to come forward and register to donate organs, she said.

The decision to donate organs is a powerful testament to the human spirit and has the potential to create a positive impact on numerous lives, bringing light to an otherwise dark situation, the hospital said in a statement.

“Upon understanding that he (the deceased) has lost his brain function among others, the family was informed about his condition. While family refusal remains one of the top reasons for lower organ donation rates in India, Ayappan’s family came forward and decided to donate his organs. His brother Mr Ramakrishna said that my brother would have cherished our decision of giving life to other people even after his death,” Dr Ashutosh Bhardwaj, Director and Head of the Department of Critical Care Medicine, DNSH, said.

The hospital informed that a team of doctors led by Dr Sanjay Goja, Director, Clinical Lead & Senior Consultant - Liver Transplant and HPB & Robotic Liver surgery transplanted his liver to the16-year-old young girl Rashmi studying in Class 11 and suffering from liver disease about five years in accordance with NOTTO guidelines On Feb 28, 2023.

Informing that girl has since recovered and was discharged on March 27, 2023, Senior Consultant & Head of Anaesthesiology, Dr Manish Tandon said, “Our best wishes will remain with her whole life.”

According to government estimates, nearly 5 lakh Indians die each year owing to organ shortages, of which, around two lakh people die from liver illness, 50,000 from heart disease, and 1,50,000 individuals wait for a kidney transplant, with only about 5,000 receiving one.

Stressing that with awareness, if even 30% of families can be motivated to donate organs after the individual’s death, Commander Navneet Bali, Regional Director – North, Narayana Health said, “Most patients who are not able to get a new organ from within their families could get a second chance at life.”

“Today, we salute the family of  Manikandan Ayaappan who came forward to donate his organs and save several lives. The success was a result of great teamwork, our doctors from several departments, NOTTO, and Delhi Police officials who provided a green corridor to different hospitals,” he added.

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