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Maximum tobacco quitters are from Uttar Pradesh: Survey

A survey carried out by Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute (VPCI), Delhi, has revealed that the maximum number of tobacco quitters are from Uttar Pradesh.

This has been found in the institute's program-National Tobacco Quit Line Service (NTQLS), which receives calls from across India to quit tobacco consumption.  

The data reveals that a total number of 71,39,473 Interactive Voice Response (IVR) calls were received.

Out of the total number of IVR calls received by this centre this year until April 30, 20,43,227 calls were counselled, including 9,96,302 inbound calls, 26,80,657 outbound calls, and 3,91,160 registered by the call centre.

A total of 1,56,644 individuals have successfully given up tobacco use. Of 156,644 people who have given up tobacco, a maximum of 123,508 calls were received from Uttar Pradesh.

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Dr Raj Kumar, Director of Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute, (VPCI) said, “I would like to work with two objectives: first, those who have not started using tobacco should not start, second, those who have started by mistake should quit. And if you need any kind of help in quitting, we are ready to help you out. There is a team of National Tobacco Quitline Service (NTQLS) always ready to help you by providing the right kind of information and proper counselling on tobacco quitting.”

The survey data also indicates that males make up the highest percentage at 98 per cent, followed by transgender individuals at five per cent of the total population, while females comprise the lowest i.e., 2 per cent. The highest number of tobacco consumers are individuals who have passed their Class 10 exam whose number is 1,74,097. 

 Dr Kumar said, “The counselling and guidance provided by the NTQLS’ call centre have been very useful to the people who are tobacco users but want to quit at the earliest.”

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