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Use of plastic has emerged as threat to environmental pollution: Justice Arun Mishra

Plastic has emerged as a serious threat to environmental pollution, both for the land and the seas. As a global fraternity, we must encourage technology transfer to each other to deal with the challenges of environmental pollution, National Human Rights Commission Chairman Justice Arun Mishra said in a message on World Environment Day.

Justice Mishra added that the day reminds sustainable development envisages protecting the environment, crucial for human existence. Adopting a rights-based approach to environmental protection ensures that everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances, can live in a clean and safe environment.

Justice Mishra pointed out that it is a known fact that the production, consumption, and disposal of plastic impact human rights, such as the right to health, clean water, food security, and a safe and healthy environment. Communities residing near plastic production facilities or waste disposal sites often face adverse health effects and environmental degradation.   Plastic reduces the fertility of the land also. The great Pacific garbage patch is a matter of concern for the world. 

The NHRC has been consistent with its pro-environment protection efforts through its Advisories, interventions, and consultation with Government authorities and its Core Group of Experts on the Environment, he added further.

Justice Mishra said that NHRC issued an Advisory to the Centre, States, and UTs to prevent, minimize and mitigate the impacts of Environmental Pollution and Degradation on Human Rights.


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