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Satara: Onco Life Organizes Cricket Tournament for Doctors To Create Awareness on Cancer

The Onco Life Champion Trophy 2023 is organized by the Onco Life Cancer Center in Satara. This year is the third year and the matches have been organized for three days on 8th, 9th and 10th December. All the doctors of Satara district will come to the field for this competition and these doctors with stethoscopes in hand will now be seen running with cricket bats and balls. Cancer awareness will be created through these matches and this will be a special feature of this tournament. Another feature of this tournament is that the team names are also based on different types of cancer. Cricket is a popular sport among all age groups across the country.

It teaches people to maintain patience, regardless of the physical or emotional distress one might be enduring. One must persevere and hold on, as there will always be a chance to fight again in the future. The game of cricket is similar to how patients diagnosed with cancer must remain composed throughout their struggle against the disease.

All the doctors of Satara district will descend on this playground and the hands of the surgeons and general practitioners will now be seen hitting fours and sixes on the field. In the first year, Medical Onco Warriors won the title and Pet City Scan Strikers won the title in the second year. More than 150 doctors will participate in this tournament. These matches will be organized under the leadership of Mr. Uday Deshmukh, President of Onco Life Hospitals, Mr. Sachin Deshmukh, Head of Onco Life Champions Trophy 2023 Committee, and Mr. Vinayak Bhosale. There is an auction process each year to keep the game fair. The closing ceremony which is on December 10th, and the chief guest will be Hon. Sameer Shaikh.

The Onco Life Champion Trophy 2023 in Satara is not only bringing together doctors for a competitive cricket tournament but is also using the event as a platform to raise awareness about cancer. With more than 150 doctors participating, the tournament aims to highlight the importance of cancer awareness and prevention. The unique aspect of naming teams after different types of cancer adds a distinctive touch to the event, emphasizing the significance of the cause.

Cricket, a beloved sport in India, is being used as a medium to convey a powerful message. The analogy drawn between the challenges faced in cricket and those faced by cancer patients underscores the importance of perseverance and patience during difficult times. The image of doctors, typically associated with medical equipment, now wielding cricket bats and balls adds a touch of novelty to the event.

The tournament's past winners, Medical Onco Warriors and Pet City Scan Strikers, reflect the competitive spirit among the medical professionals participating in the championship. The auction process ensures fairness and adds an element of strategy to team formation, making the event more engaging for both participants and spectators.

The closing ceremony on December 10th, with Hon. Sameer Shaikh as the chief guest, is likely to be a moment of celebration and reflection on the successful execution of the tournament and the awareness it has generated. Overall, the Onco Life Champion Trophy 2023 appears to be a commendable initiative that combines sportsmanship with a noble cause, creating a unique and impactful event in Satara.


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