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India's TB Fight: Innovations, Collaborations, and Challenges

During the National Health Writers and Influencers Convention (NHWIC-2024) at AIIMS, Delhi, health officials highlighted India's strides in TB control. Dr. Sanjay K Mattoo, from the Central TB Division, outlined the National Tuberculosis Elimination Programme (NTEP), aiming for TB eradication by 2025. He emphasized India's advancements in molecular diagnostics, access to advanced medicines, and the implementation of the largest digital TB surveillance program.

Mattoo underscored NTEP's collaborations with various ministries, civil society, and the private sector to extend quality care to TB patients. Initiatives like the Aarogya Saathi app and Nikshay Poshan Yojana provide vital information, counseling, and financial support directly to patients.

The event, organized by HEAL Foundation, brought together healthcare experts, policymakers, and practitioners, shedding light on persisting gaps in TB diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Dr. Rupak Singla from NITRD stressed the importance of early and accurate diagnosis, new drug regimens, and digital technology integration for effective TB management.

Addressing the socio-economic factors contributing to TB vulnerability, experts emphasized the need for holistic approaches to eliminate the disease. Despite challenges, India's commitment to innovation and collaboration offers hope in the fight against TB.

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