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GenWorks Health Celebrates a Decade of Healthcare Innovation with Launch of TECHGenworks

GenWorks Health, a leading healthcare solutions provider, commemorates its 10th Foundation Day by introducing TECHGenworks, an initiative aimed at advancing digital solutions to enhance accessibility and affordability in healthcare. TECHGenworks offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline healthcare delivery, promote efficiency, and foster scalability across the industry.

One of the flagship offerings under TECHGenworks is GenVCare, a platform revolutionizing healthcare delivery by providing standardized clinical protocols accessible to less-skilled clinicians and volunteers. Integrated with point-of-care devices, GenVCare facilitates quick access to expert guidance, spanning prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up across various care areas and wellness stages. Notably, over 15,000 cervical and breast screenings have been conducted using the GenVCare platform, showcasing its impact on improving healthcare outcomes.

Further enhancing healthcare accessibility is SHE Guide, an app developed in collaboration with the Public Awareness Committee of FOGSI. Tailored to promote public awareness of women's health, SHE Guide covers topics such as contraception, pregnancy, postpartum care, and nutrition. Additionally, the app serves as a valuable resource for healthcare professionals, offering medication references, clinical guidelines, and seamless access to GenWorks products.

GenService, another TECHGenworks offering, streamlines internal service operations at GenWorks. By centralizing communication, service ticket management, and document sharing, GenService enhances staff productivity and efficiency. The platform also maintains a comprehensive database of Install Base (IB) details, facilitating streamlined service calls and improved customer support.

Among the innovative TECHGenworks products is GenWorks Live, a collaboration platform fostering internal communication and productivity. Designed for sales, service, and application teams, GenWorks Live enables seamless coordination and better service delivery to customers. Additionally, GenWorks plans to leverage this platform's success by white-labeling it for other healthcare companies, further expanding its impact and reach.

GenStore, an eCommerce platform, serves as a digital storefront for GenWorks products, providing customers with easy access to a wide range of healthcare solutions. With user-friendly features such as product browsing, filter tools, and item-level order tracking, GenStore has amassed over 7600 active customers and processed 1400+ orders to date.

Finally, SwiftLink, a supply chain automation platform, accelerates customer fulfillment and simplifies bulk order management. With real-time collaboration and order tracking, SwiftLink promotes visibility and transparency across the supply chain, enhancing efficiency and driving growth for customers.

Reflecting on the milestone, Mr. S Ganesh Prasad expressed pride in GenWorks' journey and emphasized the transformative impact of TECHGenworks in revolutionizing healthcare accessibility and affordability. With a focus on leveraging technology to drive value and success, GenWorks remains committed to pioneering innovative solutions that empower healthcare stakeholders and transform lives.

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