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IMA Urges Health Minister's Intervention on Critical Healthcare Issues

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has turned to Union Health Minister Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya, seeking his immediate intervention to address long-standing concerns plaguing the healthcare sector. In a recent communication addressed to the minister, the IMA has requested an audience with Dr. Mandaviya to deliberate on pressing matters affecting patient care and safety.

One of the primary issues raised by the IMA is the perceived threat posed by integrative medicine to patient well-being. The association has expressed apprehensions about the potential risks associated with adopting an integrative approach, emphasizing the importance of upholding the integrity of modern medicine. It calls for an immediate cessation of efforts to integrate disparate medical systems to safeguard patient safety and uphold the standards of contemporary healthcare.

Addressing the alarming trend of violence against doctors and healthcare facilities, the IMA highlights the inadequacy of existing state-level hospital protection laws. Despite the presence of such legislation in 23 states, instances of threats and assaults against medical professionals persist. In response, the IMA advocates for the enactment of a comprehensive central law to effectively deter violence against healthcare providers, advocating for the designation of hospitals and healthcare institutions as safe zones.

The IMA also raises concerns regarding the taxation of healthcare services and products, denouncing the imposition of GST on health as a burdensome levy on illness itself. It calls for a reduction in the steep GST tax burden on essential healthcare items and insurance, while also urging for the removal of GST on membership and services provided by healthcare associations.

Furthermore, the association underscores the adverse impact of criminal prosecution on doctors, asserting that such legal actions undermine patient care and contribute to escalating costs within the healthcare system. It calls for doctors to be shielded from unwarranted criminal prosecution and for reforms to be instituted in laws governing compensation for medical negligence.

Moreover, the IMA voices opposition to the reclassification of patients as consumers and doctors as providers, contending that such terminology undermines the sacred doctor-patient relationship. It advocates for the exemption of doctors from consumer protection laws and calls for comprehensive reforms in laws governing medical negligence compensation.

In terms of government policies, the IMA advocates for stricter regulations on the Ayushman Bharat-PMJAY scheme, limiting purchases to strategic acquisitions from the private sector exclusively. Additionally, it calls for an expansion in the number of medical officer positions nationwide and the deployment of MBBS graduates in sub-centers and wellness facilities.

In summation, the Indian Medical Association underscores the urgency of addressing critical healthcare issues, emphasizing the paramount importance of prioritizing patient care, safety, and the integrity of the medical profession.


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