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Mother's Selfless Act Saves Son: Successful Liver Transplant at Global Hospital

In a heartwarming display of maternal love and selflessness, a mother from Surat recently donated a portion of her liver to her 12-year-old son, who was battling severe acute liver failure. Master Divyam Patel, the young recipient, is now on the path to recovery after a successful 12-hour transplant surgery conducted by Dr. Lalit Verma, Dr. Gaurav Chaubal, and the dedicated liver transplant team at Global Hospitals.

The journey began when Divyam developed a high fever and began vomiting, prompting his concerned mother to seek medical assistance. Despite initial outpatient care and oral antibiotics, his condition rapidly deteriorated, leading to altered consciousness and eventual admission to a tertiary care hospital in Surat. Recognizing the severity of the situation and the urgent need for a liver transplant, Divyam was swiftly transferred to Global Hospitals in Parel, Mumbai.

Dr. Lalit Verma, Sr Consultant of the Pediatric Liver Transplant Program at Global Hospitals, highlighted the critical nature of Divyam's condition, attributing it to severe acute liver failure secondary to the Hepatitis A virus. With the young patient requiring ventilator support and facing the risk of internal bleeding, the decision was made to proceed with a liver transplant without delay. Remarkably, Divyam's mother, who shared the same blood group, courageously volunteered to donate a portion of her liver, swiftly undergoing the necessary tests.

Under the leadership of Dr. Gaurav Chaubal, Director of Liver, Pancreas, Intestine Transplant & HPB Surgery, the transplant surgery was meticulously performed over a grueling 12-hour period. Miraculously, Divyam responded positively to the treatment and exhibited remarkable progress within just 12 days post-surgery.

Dr. Chaubal expressed his admiration for Divyam's resilience and determination to resume normal life, noting significant improvements in his appetite and overall activity. The successful outcome of the transplant stands as a testament to Global Hospital's unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of medical excellence and offering hope to those in need.

Dr. Vivek Talaulikar, COO of IHH Healthcare India, lauded the hospital's dedication to providing accessible, high-quality healthcare and emphasized the profound impact of such life-saving interventions on patients and their families.

As Divyam's mother, Mrs. Mrunalini Patel, expressed her gratitude for the hospital's expertise and unwavering support throughout their challenging journey. She shared her joy in witnessing her son's remarkable transformation post-transplant and pledged to advocate for organ donation awareness in the community.

The successful liver transplant not only marks a significant milestone in Divyam's recovery but also serves as a beacon of hope for countless others facing similar medical challenges. Through their tireless efforts and commitment to excellence, Global Hospital continues to make a meaningful difference in the lives of patients and their families. 

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