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FSSAI Launches Extensive Food Safety Awareness Campaign in Delhi Markets

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has initiated a comprehensive awareness and sensitization program in collaboration with the Food Safety Department, Delhi, targeting major markets in the national capital.

Commencing from the bustling Khan Market and INA Market on April 8, 2024, the campaign aims to raise awareness about the detection and mitigation of pesticide residue and contaminants in food products.

Market associations and traders were actively engaged and educated on the detrimental effects of pesticide residue, particularly in fruits and vegetables, emphasizing the importance of testing. They were introduced to FSSAI's groundbreaking initiative, the "Food Safety on Wheel" mobile lab, equipped with rapid testing kits capable of detecting approximately 50 pesticide residues across various food categories such as fruits, vegetables, milk, and cereals. The quick turnaround time for test results, available within a few hours, enables swift action to ensure food safety.

Traders were encouraged to utilize this resource for expedited testing to guarantee the safety and quality of products sold in the market. Additionally, they were briefed on a range of food safety topics, including the necessity of obtaining FSSAI licenses or registration and strict adherence to food safety standards. Traders were urged to source raw materials exclusively from FSSAI licensed or registered vendors to ensure traceability and compliance.

Furthermore, the importance of raw material testing to ensure the safety and quality of food products was emphasized during the program. Awareness was raised regarding artificial ripening and wax coating of fruits and vegetables using unapproved chemicals, along with highlighting the role of organic farming practices. Attendees were informed about the availability of testing laboratories for food products in Delhi and nearby areas.

The event underscored the collective responsibility in ensuring food safety, with the mantra, "Food Safety is Everyone's Responsibility," emphasizing the vital role of every stakeholder across the food supply chain in fostering a healthier India. FSSAI, as the apex food regulator in the country, remains committed to safeguarding public health through the implementation of robust food safety protocols nationwide.

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