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Doctors of Sports Injury Center who carried out robotic surgeries

Sports Injury Centre Achieves Milestone with Successful Robotic Surgeries

 The Sports Injury Centre (SIC) at VMMC and Safdarjung Hospital, a globally renowned institution for its excellence in healthcare, has marked a significant achievement by successfully conducting five robotic surgeries. This milestone underscores the centre's commitment to pioneering advanced techniques in surgical care.

Known for offering premium healthcare services to elite sportsmen and the general public, SIC has recently undergone a major upgrade, including relocation to a new building inaugurated in January 2024. This move has not only enhanced the facilities but also expanded the scope of services, leading to a notable increase in both OPD attendance and surgical procedures over the past five months.

In line with its dedication to providing cutting-edge facilities to elite athletes, SIC has established a specialized sports medicine unit under the direct supervision of the Director, equipped with ultramodern amenities such as a hydrotherapy pool, underwater treadmill, and balance system.

The recent Robotic Knee Replacement Workshop conducted in the first week of June marked a significant advancement in surgical techniques at Safdarjung Hospital. Led by Director SIC, Dr. Deepak Joshi, and Senior Consultant Dr. Naval Bhatia, the workshop saw the successful completion of five robotic surgeries, a first for the hospital.

Robotic knee replacement surgery is hailed as one of the most advanced techniques of modern times, ensuring precise bone cuts, optimal tissue balancing, and perfect limb alignment. This technique not only improves patient outcomes and reduces postoperative pain but also enhances hardware longevity. The coordination between modern machinery and the skills of the surgeon ensures the highest level of accuracy, facilitating better surgical outcomes with minimal morbidity and early patient rehabilitation.

Dr. Joshi commented, "The success of these robotic surgeries exemplifies the synergy between technology and medical expertise. With precise coordination and meticulous planning, we can achieve superior results for our patients."

The workshop received widespread acclaim from beneficiaries and fellow medical professionals, providing valuable exposure to advanced surgical techniques and furthering the hospital's commitment to continuous learning and innovation.


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