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Current NMC Notice Pressurises FMGE Students; It Should be Revoked, says Forda

“The recent notice issued by the National Medical Commission (NMC) is putting undue pressure on Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) students, which is not acceptable in any way. Many students feel that the additional stress and requirements imposed by the notice are unfair and could negatively impact their preparation and performance,” Says Forda General Secretary Dr Sarvesh Pandey.

“There is a growing call for the NMC to withdraw this notice. Students and advocates argue that the commission should consider the unique challenges faced by FMGE students and provide a more supportive and accommodating approach,” he added.

On a positive note, the NMC has shown a willingness to engage in dialogue regarding the issue. The commission's positive stance and readiness to discuss the concerns of FMGE students is a step in the right direction. It is believed that through open communication and negotiation, a satisfactory solution can be found that addresses the concerns of the students while also meeting the regulatory standards of the NMC.

While the current notice is causing significant stress among FMGE students, there is hope that through constructive dialogue, a resolution can be reached. The NMC's openness to discussion is a promising development, and it is crucial for all parties involved to work together to find a solution that ensures fairness and support for the students.

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