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Delhi: DDU doctors to strike if CT scan, radiologist not provided

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Dr Asgar Ali, president of the RDA

NEW DELHI : The Resident Doctor’s Association of Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital, Delhi, has given the hospital authorities 7-days ultimatum to provide a CT scan machine and recruit senior resident in radiology department, or they will stop work in the hospital.

The association office-bearers convened an emergency meeting at the hospital and set the deadline of seven days for the hospital to address their demands or else the members of the association will withdraw all type of service in the hospital from June 21 at 9 am.

Dr Asgar Ali, president of the RDA, told DTMT, “On June 12, 2019, due to power cut, USG machine was non-functional for one hour. A dispute broke out between the patient’s family members and the doctors and medical staff on duty at the Radiology Department and it soon turned violent.”

Dr Ali further informed, “Similar incident happened repeatedly due to non-availability of CT Scan machine, which is not available since November 2017. Due to non-availability of CT Scan machine, no radiology senior resident wants to join this hospital.”

He pointed out, “Due to this, the resident doctors have to face this type of wrath and repeated assault on resident doctors.”

The doctors also want bouncers and security staff at the trauma center.


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