Cases of vector borne diseases reduced in NDMC area

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Ms Rashmi Singh speaking at review meeting for Vector Borne Diseases

NEW DELHI : With the sustained efforts being made by the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) in respect of prevention and control of Dengue and other Vector Borne Diseases, the number of cases has decreased considerably in comparison to the last two years.

Secretary NDMC, Rashmi Singh, said, “As per the comparative report of three years on vector borne diseases, the numbers of cases registered for Dengue this year are only three which are considerably less than the previous two years wherein figures were 61 in 2017 and 9 in 2018.”

So far as the cases of vector borne diseases are concerned, this year the number of Malaria cases are 24, while only one case of chikunguniya has been reported this year. In the year of 2017 and 2018, the Malaria cases were 41 and 31 respectively, she added.

The secretary informed that during the year 2017, the numbers of Challans issued were 291, while this year only 74 challans have been issued.

Ms Singh claimed that in order to sensitize the inhabitants of New Delhi area in respect of prevention and control of Vector Borne Diseases, sustained awareness campaigns had been launched in schools, colleges, markets, residential complexes, hospitals, private and government buildings and public areas as well.


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