ISIC helps infant with spinal deformity to stand straight

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Dr. Gururaj Sangondimath

The Indian Spinal Injuries Centre (ISIC), Delhi, has successfully reduced the tuberculosis-induced spinal curve in an infant and restored his limb capability to the fullest.

The hospital has claimed that the surgery is the first known case in India wherein a complex procedure was carried out on an infant and screws were used to fix the deformity.

One-year-and 9-months-old Samay Singh, a normal, full-term baby, had tuberculosis and came to ISIC with a spinal deformity in the upper back, a hump, which manifested a month before he was brought to ISIC.

The boy was in severe pain, unable to move his lower limbs during this phase and he progressively lost the ability to walk. The corrective surgery was carried out on the infant. Screws were used to fix the deformity and reduced the deformity from 110 degrees to 40 degrees.

Dr. Gururaj Sangondimath, Consultant at the hospital, said, “The surgery was challenging on all counts –such a major surgery usually requires anesthesia for long hours and will require the insertion of pedicle screws.”

Dr Sangondimath stated, “The other major challenges were neuro-monitoring of the child and the fact that any major blood loss may prove fatal. Even if all the aspects of surgery were under control, managing such a young child after an operation and adhering to post-operative measures posed another major challenge.”

Samay Singh’s parents are happy that their child is leading a normal life, walking and running independently like any other child of his age.


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