Notice to Rajasthan doc for practice at private hospital

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A surgeon of Hindaun City Government Hospital, Karauli district, Rajasthan, has been found indulging in practice at a private hospital. Private practice by government doctors is banned in Rajasthan.

The matter has been reported to authorities concerned, including the director of the hospital.

According to the hospital, the incident came to light when Dr Lakshmi Aggarwal, an anesthesiologist, went to a private hospital with a nursing officer, without informing her seniors, to perform an emergency gynoecia surgery during her duty hours.

In her defense, Dr Aggarwal said she went to the hospital after a phone call of her relative. If she refused the request, both baby and mother could not have survived.

For humanity, she stayed 10 minutes in the hospital for performing the surgery, and after safe delivery, she left for her duty at the government hospital, the doctor explained.

Dr Aggarwal declared that saving the life of her critical patients is her first duty which is not a violation of any rule.


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